LiliaChess home page

LiliaChess is a simple graphical interface for playing chess and viewing chess games. 

It runs in Windows XP / Windows Vista  and requires JRE (Java Runtime Environment) v. 1.5 or later. 

LiliaChess is designed for personal use and includes several chess engines (freely available from the web) for playing human-engine and engine-engine.  More engines can be added.   LiliaChess is not a chess engine itself.

Contact info

Carlo Bellentani

Modena  (Italy)

Any reports, questions and suggestions are welcome.

Recent news

Version 4.9

- Engines are easily installed and configured through a proper user interface.

- In addition to Winboard engines, UCI engines are supported via polyglot.

- Four engines now supplied:  Baron, Crafty, Critter, Stockfish.

- The GUI controls the time of  a game.  It tracks #moves and time left for each engine.

- Showing "Analyze" output from the engines is now possible.

- Some graphic options added.